Our Studio

Comprising of a dedicated and innovative team, Studio 1212 is an independent creative agency that focuses on finding solutions for design, digital and strategic communication. Our expertise is enhanced by Studio 1212’s in-depth knowledge of the market, a result of our unique internal brands.

Our goal as a multi-disciplinary agency is to harvest ideas and combine strategic thinking with creativity in providing brands with straightforward yet distinctive results.

To achieve these targets we utilize three particular external services in the form of design development, digital communication and strategic communication programs. The external services are supported by our characteristic internal products: two publications that garnish a sizable following in the form of Whiteboard Journal  and Footurama -online magazines aimed at Jakarta’s creative community- as well as Cereal Nation, the one-of-a-kind children’s clothing line.

To find out more about what makes us tick as well as the individuals who make up the Studio 1212 team, feel free to browse through the about, client and category sections of our website. 


Design Development

Design development is a central element to what we do. To ensure brands are able to communicate their intended message effectively, we combine diverse skills in combination with innovative materials, imaginative artists and inventive techniques in developing, assessing and monitoring various aspects of the company’s visual language: from branding, printing, interior design to packaging. 

Digital Communication

Considering digital communication’s growing importance in this post-analog world, Studio 1212 offers an array of digital services to support brands that includes social media content management as well as website and mobile application development. These steps are taken in order for companies to fully maintain their online presence.


Strategic Communication

Our extensive experience includes working with a variety of clients ranging from independent brands to multinational companies. Combined with our insight and understanding of the local market, we specialize in offering creative consultancy and public relations towards companies to ensure that brands stay engaged with their intended audience. 


For internship or job application career@studio-1212.com


Full Time Graphic Designers

The ideal candidate should have an excellent design skill, is detail-oriented, willing to brainstorm and pitch in where needed and has strong desire to learn and is hardworking. To apply, please submit to us your portfolio (PDF file no bigger than 2MB) and your resume.



We are currently reviewing our intern programme and will post more information about it here towards the end of the year with the new programme taking effect at the beginning of 2014.