Dia.Lo.Gue Artspace - Seek-A-Seek

Seek-a-Seek was a collective graphic design exhibition featuring over 70 Indonesian graphic designers and hundreds of artworks. Taking place in Dia.Lo.Gue Artspace, the exhibition presented varied approaches and practices of graphic design and explored its dynamic position in Indonesia.

Working together with the curatorial and branding teams, Studio 1212 was responsible for a balanced and meaningful presentation of the artworks in their true forms. Starting from concepting, mapping, to displaying the artwork, every facet of the exhibition was designed by Studio 1212 so that visitors can experience a comprehensive presentation of graphic design practice.

The exhibition's flow began at the entrance where a wall hosts items representing various stages of design processes beginning with inspiration, references, to the finished product. The gallery was then divided into several sections tailored to specific categories of graphic design: editorial, typography, information design, branding, exhibition design and multimedia. The layout resulted in an exhibition that showcased the cross-disciplinal evolution of graphic design as well as the talents responsible for the artwork.

Hermawan Tanzil (LeBoYe), Ismiaji Cahyono (DGI), Rege Indrastudianto (ADGI Chapter Jakarta), Max Suriaganda (Studio 1212)

Branding & Identity:
Fandy Susanto (Table Six), Io Woo (LeBoYe)

Exhibition Design:
Studio 1212